Stimulus? Check.

My stimulus check came rolling into my bank account this morning, and, can I just say, they've sent it to the right person. I have been training all my life to drop a bunch of money into the economy as quickly as possible.

Some people fear money from the government through stimulus checks or the nearing Child Tax Credit is opening the door to some socialistic, government-dependent future. I see it more as using government money to gain independence from relying on government money. Oh, and NEW SHOES!

And you are never going to hear me complain about the government paying me to have children. Finally, finally, finally, someone appreciates the patient face I make while listening to Minecraft stories, the toothpaste globs I continually wipe from the bathroom counter, all the times I've had to remind myself of Einstein's disorganized habits when I enter my kids' bedrooms, and the 20 second life span of any mistakenly left out Chapstick, chocolate, crayons, really anything that can be broken or consumed.

I know, people are worried our kids and grandkids will really be the ones footing the government spending and Child Tax Credit bill, but they're forgetting about the leverage we all have now. For instance, I said to my daughter, "Honey, if you break all your crayons again, we're gonna have to have another baby to afford more." See? Leverage.

When it comes down to it, I'm just happy we're all arguing about money again like normal human beings instead of masks and toilet paper.


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