New Year, New YOU

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

It's the middle of January and I have yet to come up with my New Year's resolutions (I already do so much!). Back in December, I'd considered working on procrastination and my "all or nothing" mindset, but I have obviously already failed to meet those goals, so, what's the point?

Perhaps I struggle to think up resolutions for myself because I am so consumed by my concern for others. Blame it on my giving spirit or what have you, but I have a knack for thinking up resolutions for everyone but me.

Here's just a few from my list:


  1. Learn more recipes or commit to barbecuing year-round.

  2. Utilize designated clothes hamper system.

  3. Renounce video games.


  1. Improve aim.

  2. Stop using "for science" as justification for bad behavior.

  3. Figure out what everyone means by "inside voice".


  1. Go to sleep at bedtime.

  2. No, really. That's it. Please just go to sleep.

  3. See above.


  1. Only do smart things.

  2. Don't do dumb things.

  3. Don't mix up the dumb things and the smart things.


  1. Same as Congress.

  2. But, I don't mean, "be like Congress".

  3. You know what? Just be you. Unless "you" likes to dress like a shirtless, horned mountain man and demand organic food in jail. If that's the case, consider being "not you".

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  1. I guess keep doing what you're doing 'cuz you're basically gods now.

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I'm telling you, Michael Jackson was onto something with that, "Man in the Mirror" song. Everytime I'm in front of the mirror and see an unsuspecting family member walk by in the reflection behind me, I automatically think of something he or she could do to improve the world around me. When you see something, say something!


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