Not Your Mommy's Blog

Welcome to my personal blog. 

I'm so happy you're here!

Shared human experiences bring us all closer together. I'm looking forward to sharing mine with you, even if they're a track.

Hi, I’m Anna.

I'm currently a mother of three living my best life in rural Wyoming.  Giddy up!  I grew up in Littleton, Colorado and studied English Education at Brigham Young University-Idaho where I met my husband.  We moved to Wyoming to teach high school English in adjoining classrooms like the adorable love birds we are, and argued about grammar rules until our first little bundle of joy arrived and I decided to become a stay-at-home mom.  Well, I guess we still argue about grammar rules, but not in front of the children.  

Take a peek at my messy life.  Messy can be fun, you know!


Just So You Know...

I'm going to enthusiastically share products and services with you in my blog content like a teenage girl divulges first date details to her best friend or like the media coverage of everything Kardashian or like the husband whose wife suddenly took interest in his job because this is my personal blog and product preferences are weirdly personal.  My intent is to share products and services I find valuable in order to help others looking for solutions I've already found.  

As such, I may receive compensation for purchases made through links on my website but I only promote products I value personally.


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